Leading Retail Spaces in Noida & Greater Noida


In the last couple of years, the city of Noida & Greater Noida has turned out to be one of the major industrial and financial destinations of the country. As a prominent part of the National Capital Region (NCR) of Delhi, Noida & Greater Noida is well-known for its fast urbanization and extremely developed socio-economic infrastructure. The city is well-known for having an extraordinarily high per capita income and is one of the richest cities of UP as per a recent survey. All these consequently points out to the amazing wealth and purchasing power that the residents of this city enjoy. The affluence of Noida & Greater Noida makes it a perfect location for setting up a retail store in North India which can go a long way in ensuring that a business can make maximum amount of profits here.

Retail Store at Joy Street, One of the most important sites to set up a retail store in Noida & Greater Noida would be Joy Street, which is basically a newly launched mega real-estate project. This project is one of AIPL’s New Launch on the Golf Course Extension Road. Joy Street is known as the comprehensive urban leisure destination that includes a number of fine high street office and retail spaces, as well as specially serviced residences. This enterprise features a large number of shopping and dining facilities, along with inventive entertainment and recreational units so as to give a boost to the all-round shopping experience of every visitor. Joy Street is a mixed-use urbane destination which has been specially designed as a contemporary lifestyle hub to meet the necessities and requirements of the new-age consumers. Some of the major characteristics of this destination are mentioned below: ATS Picturesque Reprieves Resale / ATS Pious Hideaways Resale / ATS Kingston Heath Resale / Godrej Crest Villas

In order to attract a considerable footfall, it is very much important for every retail business to be located at a key and easily accessible area. Joy Street lies along the Golf course Extension road that offers it an extremely smooth connectivity to all the major sections of the city. This establishment is in addition well connected to other prominent NCR cities though the DND as well as Noida Expressway Road. The look of a retail store plays an important role in attracting prospective customers. Joy Street features an elegant Mediterranean designing theme which exudes a unique charm and inviting aura and this draws the attention of the passer-byes and compels them to step inside the establishment. The safety and security offered by the retail store is also an important factor to consider. Joy Street features CCTV surveillance at all fundamental spots of the building. In addition to this, there is professional surety guards present in the premises at all times. Moreover, Joy Street has state of the art fire protection and detection system present within the premises. All these aforementioned characteristics make Joy Street a perfect destination for setting up a retail shop. In order set up a retail store here, one can check the new project launched by AIPL on the Golf Course Extension Road.

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