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Amazing photos of your Gaursons India property will really grab the attention of potential guests and help your rental stand out in a sea of competition. Follow these simple interior design tricks to DIY a photo shoot of your Gaursons India property to make your listing a booking magnet! Declutter and deep clean, A clear, clean space is the perfect start to begin your creative touches and furniture placement. So, before you begin challenging your inner interior design guru, first things first – declutter and deep clean your home. When it comes to decluttering, obviously start with any rubbish or junk items but also consider packing away personal trinkets too. This decluttering session is a good time to decide what items should go into storage to give your guests more space and avoid the loss or damage of any personal items. Use this end of lease cleaning checklist to guide you through each area of the property, making sure every space gets some attention. Add mirrors, A strategically placed mirror will do wonders for a small room. Mirrors open up space and reflect light, maximizing a room’s style and making it feel more spacious than it actually is. Full-size mirrors can have an especially dramatic effect on a small space and placing or created a gallery wall to display a bunch of different mirrors of all shapes and sizes.

Plants and flowers, A small amount of greenery is a simple, inexpensive decorative option that can make add that extra touch of cosiness. Remember, most Gaursons India guests are looking for a more homely accommodation option than a sterile hotel room. Plants and flowers add colour and interest without detracting from the room itself but when it comes to staging, only use very realistic looking or live plants and flowers. Tacky plastic options are obvious even in photographs! Increase the cosy factor, Staging your Gaursons India rental to have cosy but sophisticated feel means adding a few touches that warm the space without swamping it with too many personal trinkets. Throw rugs, strategically placed magazines and books or a framed quote will give the vibe that the property is a space to relax in and enjoy. Gaur City 4th Avenue Resale / Gaur city 5th avenue Resale / Gaur City 7th Avenue Resale / Gaur city 16th avenue Resale

Create a conversation area, Even if you only have a very small apartment, stage and photograph a ‘conversation area’ somewhere in the property. Examples of this are a few stools beneath a countertop, a bistro set on the balcony or a dining table with chairs. Add a coffee mug, a plate of biscuits and a few magazines to help your Gaursons India guests see themselves relaxing in the space. I hope these tips will inspire you to go the extra mile when photographing your Gaursons India property, the results will speak for themselves….hello Fully Booked! Elesha Piper is a freelance writer with way too much experience moving homes; more than 15 times in the last 10 years! With this experience, she’s created end of lease cleaning tips and guides to help make every aspect of a move as simple as possible.

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