Project Ats Rhapsody That You Can Adopt as Your Apartment

Nine imposing residential towers flanked by absolute inexperienced is what Ats rhapsody is all regarding. Ats Greens because the name reveals is AN expression of utmost feeling of happiness and has everything you would like to measure with utmost luxury and convenience. This contemporary illustration of inexperienced heaven is found right the Sector-, that additionally makes property to metropolis, remainder of Noida and NCR cities rather simple. This breathtakingly stunning residential project is additionally at intervals simple reach of Sector thirty two & sector-18 subway stations creating transit to the capital and NCR a song.

Living in region one hundred fifty techniques sleek system to metropolis and NCR by strategies for bigger Noida thruway and NH-24. Region and transparency is what you ought to investigate if you’re living close to the capital of Asian country. Traffic will get very thick, once it’s apex time, however with effectively ordered pike you don’t have to be compelled to worry over that. Ats rhapsody is utterly submerged in Golf inexperienced with scenes, strongholds, waterholes and creative development. There’s AN abundance of water you may notice as twin pools, wellsprings, gazebos and different water bodies. Mammoth children’s play zone, unreeling parks, and a swarm of civilities with al building and screening theater within the tempest basement save this excess endeavor. You can’t be way behind just in case you reside well and need to price the simplest on earth, as an example, the Ats greens Noida.

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