Architecture Design to Dream Homes in Noida


According to an old saying, human beings are responsible for creating good architecture and in turn, our creation helps us become a better version of ourselves. It doesn’t need anyone to be a student of rocket science to understand the philosophy hidden beneath this statement by one of the most prolific entrepreneurs; Expert. According to Jim, humans strive to build good things with an Homes Homes objective to support better lifestyle and quality of living. Architecture is nothing distinct than the above-mentioned philosophy. People have been associated with the building of living spaces right from the primitive ages. It has been a long time since then and we have travelled more distance than what we recognize. Jaypee Kosmos Location / Jaypee Klassic Shaurya Location / Jaypee Klassic Heights Location / Greater Noida Property Dealers

Evolution of Architecture, Cave carvings have been replaced by marble palaces. Wooden houses got their substitutes in form of multi-storeyed buildings. And stone structures are now extinct because of the advent of skyscrapers. As this massive change has happened, our lives have evolved to a great extent. In some ways, Expert had said the right thing. Therefore, the next time you consult with showroom interior designers in Noida & Greater Noida, make sure that they aim towards building better structures. Strength lies In a Building’s Foundation and Not in Its Appearance, A great piece of architecture is nothing related to its appearance. Of course, the hefty price tag that people pay for a house is mainly because of the way a building looks externally and internally. Nevertheless, experts suggest not judging any book by its cover. A great looking house can be weak in terms of building quality, while an average looking home can withstand the worst environmental wrath. It all depends on the quality of its foundation. If you want to build a house that will stand the test of time, examine its foundation.

Importance of Design in Solving Stubborn Problems, The Design is an inevitable section of any architectural project. It is the design of a structure that differentiates good architecture from an ordinary one. A good design has the capability of solving the most complex problems and that has been evident throughout the course of civilization. Architecture is indeed a visual art that takes quite a prolonged period to come to life. Same goes with interior designing. It takes weeks and sometimes months to bring a certain design to existence. This is why it is necessary to select the right interior design company in Noida & Greater Noida. Modern Architects Engineers & Interior Designer has built a team of well-trained passionate professionals who understand all the aspects of the building process. Designing is their forte and when it comes to executing any specific layout, our interior designers are the most trusted faces in the industry.

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Investment in Greater Noida Real Estate Properties


The area of Greater Noida has seen the wave of development and that has given rise to the popularity of this place. There are several areas that have been developed in this city which provides the residents with the best kind of living. Such a place is that of the Golf Course Road. This is such an area that can easily be considered to be one of the most posh areas in whole of Greater Noida. This area is also one of the fastest growing residential spots. This pace will be considered as preferable by both investors, as well as, end users. Well, when you are investing in the real estate properties, then the first thing you need to assure that you are going to get a good Return of Investment or ROI. Now, the area of Golf Course Road is such that can promise you with the best kind of ROI. This place has all those aspects which are needed for having a proper urban lifestyle. The best part is that those facilities are attracting more and more people to be a resident of this area. Now, the investors will not only find a good ROI in the future, but they can also get a very good return if they provide their house for rentals. Gaur City 4th Avenue Resale / Gaur city 5th avenue Resale / Gaur City 7th Avenue Resale / Gaur city 12th avenue Resale
There are different roads that are passing through this area. These roads are such which has been constructed in a very planned manner. That is the reason these roads are capable of controlling a high amount of traffic. The best part is that the residents can expect to have a smooth ride without any kind of hassle. The aspect of transportation is taken care of through the means of the public communication. There are different bus routes that can be found in this area. Also, you can take the help of the cabs and autos. For small distances, you can take the help of the Rickshaw.
The schools and colleges that are located in this area are exceptionally renowned. They provide the best kind of education for the young ones. Also, there are coaching centers that can help the students in having a proper study. There are also some of the best hospitals located in this area. Besides hospitals, one can also find the private health chambers and the health care facilities. This area is very secure to reside. There is a Police station located at close proximity also this place has the provision for Police patrolling. Moreover, each project has aspect of security in them. Almost, all of the leading banks of India have their branches in this area. Also, there are several ATMs which are scattered all over the city. The aspect of water flow and electricity is also excellent in this area. There are some of the projects where one can face the problem of the drainage. However, that can easily be solved with the help of an expert. Also, choosing a reliable builder can help you in this regard.

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Rental Apartments in Noida and Greater Noida


Greater Noida is good places to rent apartments which is well connected to Delhi, Meerut, Ghaziabad, Noida and Agra etc. Your own represents one of the biggest hurdles of a young adult’s burgeoning life of independence. And, new financial obligations aside, one of the big reasons getting an apartment for the first time is so difficult is because you have virtually nothing of your own. Sure, you probably have a bed and a few pieces of furniture, but how many of the essentials are covered in your current store? Can you actually live on what you own? Probably not. Below, then, is a list of apartment essentials for first-time renters. Get them all before you move in to prevent a lot of costly shopping trips in the following days. Food! Not just junk food, either, but a well-rounded balance of foods from all the major food groups. Make sure your fridge is working properly in order to store items that require refrigeration. Don’t forget milk and various condiments to spice up your food, as well. A microwave. You won’t always have time to cook a full meal. Cooking utensils. Spatulas, large spoons, a set of knives, pots and pans, a can opener, a colander or strainer, a skillet, mixing bowls, measuring cups, casserole dishes, a cutting board, and forks, spoons and knives for eating. ATS Le Grandiose floor plan / ATS Pristine floor plan / ATS Khyber Range floor plan / ATS Bouquet floor plan

Plates and bowls for eating your food, and glasses or mugs for drinking. You may also want fancier wine glasses for parties, though you can save them for later. A kettle. Various wraps ziploc bags, plastic and tin foil, mostly for food storage, as well as garbage bags and bio-degradable bags for waste. Toilet paper! Never forget toilet paper! Kleenex as well, though toilet paper is more important. Paper towels. Various toiletries shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste for keeping yourself clean each day. Towels, at least two sets. A first aid kit well-stocked with band-aids, medical wrap and other minor medical essentials. General health pills aspirin, vitamins, digestives, that sort of thing. A shaving kit with razor blades, handy for either sex depending on their level of hairiness. Cleaning supplies for mirrors, faucets, toilets, sinks and the like. Yes, you have to start cleaning now.

A broom. A vacuum, and possibly a smaller, hand-held vacuum. A duster. Some spare blankets, both for your bed and for laying around. Spare pillow cases. Batteries. Lots of batteries, of all shapes and kinds. If you can get rechargeable batteries, all the better. Light bulbs. Some basic tools a hammer, a box of nails, a screwdriver, a box of screws, a ruler or level, a wrench, possibly a drill. You’d be amazed how far you can go with the basics. Last, unless one is included, an air conditioner that also serves as a heater. Apartments aren’t always so good at the ventilation game. Sound like a lot? It is. Consequently, you should budget for these items before moving out, and try to buy them gradually in the months leading up to the move.

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Gaur City Flats Apartments Noida Extension


In today’s fast advancing times, one needs to maintain momentum to catch up with the developments. Be it any arena or domain, development is all-pervasive. And, real-estate hasn’t been too far in this respect. Gaursons India, one of the most trusted names in this industry have opened up gateways of its creations for its customers across India, Greater Noida West being one of them. The Gaur city, Greater Noida West property is quite significant of the splendor of this township that is straggled across 125 acres of land. Buying flats in India is no more a dream now, especially at good locations and cities. The exquisite location and infrastructure of The Gaur city is enough to lure the visitors. Also, the biggest adjuvant of this township is its association with a city of historic and pious love, i.e. Greater Noida West. Exuding the traditional ether of the ancient times, the statuesque buildings are the biggest centre of attraction when you arrive at the place. Discussions are rife that Greater Noida West property has got revalued by manifolds with the opening of The Gaur city.


While one talks about Greater Noida West, how can Gaur City Mall be left unmentioned? Inclusion of Gaur City Mall in the township’s naming is highly suggestive of the grandeur that the place emanates. The state-of-the art designing and architecture in this luxuriously built city keeps it at par with many other cosmopolitans. Also, it has all the amenities that a modern lifestyle demands and is supported by. This Greater Noida West property reckons all the elites and aristocrats to invest in their money to enhance their standard of living drastically. Gaur City Greater Noida West / Gaur Siddhartham Price List / Gaur City Resale Flats / Gaur City 16th avenue Price List
This punctiliously designed township has a super fine blend of natural and manpower resources. If one talks about eco-friendly, its parks do the talking. If one talks about the roads, power and potable water supply- it surpasses the expectations. Located on the Noida-Delhi Bypass road, Greater Noida West, the city comes in the most coveted cities’ league. You can now easily think of owning apartments and flats in India with Gaursons India’s innovative creations. Calculate your budget and chose a suitable plot for yourself to be a part of this magnificently built township. One of the most talked about Greater Noida West Properties, it saves you from burning a hole in your pocket by providing you with an array of options as far as plot sizes and their prices are concerned. Thus, without much ado, buy a luxurious apartment in the city and envy your peers with its covetous infrastructures and awe-striking interiors.

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Civitech Strings is With Fully Integrated Residential Complex Beautiful Residences That Make You

Civitech Strings is a residential project that provides elegant, affordable, and lifestyle apartments. The project is aesthetically built and with beautiful residences that make you feel accomplished about the project. It also connects with commercial projects nearby it certainly lets your wish fulfill with shopping and other necessities. The residential project is with fully integrated residential complex that offers 4 spacious towers. The development has a project size of 838 units which is spread over an area of 4.45 acres. The residential configuration is with 2 and 3 BHK flats with a huge super area. It is a high-rise apartment with a residential size of 1090 sq ft to 1275 sq ft. It has an offer price of Rs 2 BHK with 49 lakhs for instance. The UPRERAPRJ646272 is the RERA ID for this project. Palm Olympia Phase 2 Price ListRG Luxury Homes Price ListM3M The Cullinan Price ListMax Estates 128 Price List

Civitech Strings

Civitech Strings is one of the promising developments and with a leader in innovation that makes you feel easy. It has decades of experience with all necessities and has customer-centric approach. It is with one of the best in terms of real estate along with better management that is part of real estate developers. The project has amenities such as power backup, a yoga park, and a community center. Necessities as car parking, a landscape garden is made with priority. The gym and a kid’s play area is according to age group necessity. It has a swimming pool which gives you a better way to beat the heat. Sector 12 Greater Noida is the location for this project. It has an earthquake-resistant structure that makes it safe during tremors. The project is aesthetically beautiful with north-east-facing corner plots. The project is one of the first in this region with podium base towers. Convenient shopping within reach with complete control. It has a walk-in wardrobe too that serves the needs of an elegant household.

Civitech Strings has a 2 BHK with an area of 1090 sq ft and a 3 BHK apartment with an area of 1250 sq ft. It has 3 BHK apartments with an area of 1275 sq ft. The residential project is with beautiful and crafted abode with nature. It is with elegance development with a thoughtfully planned layout. The project offers more than 75% of an open space which lets you enjoy better ways to spend your time. The residential project is with the location that has Jewar Airport, IT Park, and Film City near the project. The project comes with Delhi borders, metro stations, and knowledge parks. The residential project has 2 BHK flats with an area of 1090 sq ft and 3 BHK flats with an area of 1250 sq ft to 1275 sq ft.

Civitech Strings is with best of modern comfort that creates an ambience with a good location advantage. It makes you feel elite as you find the residences as per your needs and better specifications. The residential project offers aesthetic developments and makes you feel at ease with all your needs. The project has metro connectivity at just 5 minutes from it. It makes the perfect way to enjoy life with family and friends. The social community with all the needs fulfill here and the lifestyle enjoyment with prosper needs is all you get.

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ATS Bouquet Commercial Shops and Offices Noida


ATS Bouquet is a commercial project with ready-to-move developments and creates some of the best retail space, office space, and other necessary infrastructure. The commercial project is spread over an area of 7 acres and connects with a total units as 605 within 3 towers. The commercial project is priced per sq ft of Rs 6828 to Rs 6500 sq ft. The office spaces are from 805 sq ft to 4936 sq ft. The project is with UPRERAPRJ2612 as RERA ID. It is with flexible office spaces with an investment that starts from Rs 50 lacs onwards. The commercial development is with a sustainable green building design that looks beautiful and creates a better environment. Bhutani Alphathum Price List / Gulshan One29 Price List / Wave One Price List / Spectrum Metro Price List

ATS Bouquet with Wi-Fi enables office spaces and fresh air provision within common areas. It has automatic fire suppression along with a detection system. There are landscape terraces and rooftops, and adequate provision of space with car parking. It has a premium external finish with a mix of glazing, and exterior paint as per architect needs. It has aluminium panelling and good access to propose amenities with multi-cuisine restaurants. It adds coffee shops, food kiosks, a business centre, and a convenient shopping area. It also offers IT/ITES facility blocks that give a good opportunity to enjoy your own business in the IT Domain. The commercial aspect of the project is prime and it makes one of the best developments with a good return on investments.

ATS Bouquet is with office space of 805 sq ft, 1613 sq ft, and 2430 sq ft. It has 4400 sq ft and 4936 sq ft of office space. The project offers amenities such as a clubhouse, coffee lounge, restaurants, cafeteria, and food court. It adds with bar and lounge, a private terrace garden, power backup, and lifts. It connects with security, reserve parking, service, and goods lifts. It adds with indoor games room, DTH television facility, flower gardens, library, and business centre. There is rainwater harvesting, an RO water system, water storage, air conditioning, a meditation area, Vastu compliance, internet, and Wi-Fi connectivity. It has waste disposal, a conference room earthquake-resistant structure, a multi-purpose hall, and a CCTV camera. There is also fire fighting equipment that makes it easy to remove any fire hazard.

ATS Bouquet is with RCC structure and is with applicable seismic zone which also protects citizens. It adds provision for optical fiber networks with video surveillance. It adds perimeter security that adds entrance lobby security. It has CCTV developments, fire detection, and alarm systems in place. The project connects with clubhouse with indoor and outdoor game facilities. It also has a swimming pool with a changing room for gents, and ladies. It adds well well-equipped gym along with a multipurpose hall for aerobics enthusiasts. The project is with best of its kind office space available for business. It connects with all your needs and gives business a new great place to start with new enthusiasm and hope. The project makes it a great place to invest with good returns on investments. The development is ideal for buyers and investors who look forward to great returns!

More Project: ATS Bouquet Price List

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Projects in Yamuna Expressway are Ideal For Settling Down With Friends And Families

Projects in Yamuna Expressway attract another big investment as the entire stretch is known to add superior connectivity. The commercial residential and mixed-use development makes it easy to buy options. The entire development leads to better lifestyle developments and creates one of the cosmos that reflects better vibes, and expandable homes as villas. Many residential apartments, plots, and homes are farmhouses. The project makes it easy to manage lifestyle and the entire area has a superior form of connectivity. The residential project gives you better ways to connect as the Jewar airport is nearest to this settlement. Also, the highway connectivity is supreme as the project connects with the Yamuna expressway and Noida-Greater Noida Expressway. It adds with best form of road connectivity that makes it easy to enjoy long rides and also reach home easily. The project area will soon connect with Ipod taxis which is a new form of transport from Jewar Airport to Noida Film City. CRC Joyous Master PlanFusion The Brook Master PlanFusion The Rivulet Master PlanPalm Olympia Phase 2 Master Plan

CRC Joyous

Projects in Yamuna Expressway are ideal for settling down with friends and families as there are a huge number of projects. Most of the projects come with RERA certifications and guidelines that make it easy to enjoy assured properties. The project also gives higher returns on investment, capital appreciation is another big factor that comes with the project. The project creates an atmosphere that is vibrant and with better ways to enjoy a lifestyle. It makes an ideal environment as part of the lifestyle homes. The development comes with superior lifestyle homes that have more to give in terms of space. The residential project adds 2, 3, and 4 BJK homes, and the homes are also with 5, 6, and up to 7 BHK which are villas. The residential projects have all the necessary amenities and better specifications.

Some of the projects in Yamuna Expressway are with RERA ID as well. They are CRC Joyous, Gaursons Hi-tech Runway suites, Purvanchal Royal City Phase 2, and Oasis Grandstand. It has some of the developments that are new and with Nimbus Express Park View 2, RR Royal City, Greenbay Golf Village. The residential plots are for sale by YEIDA as Yamuna Expressway Industrial development authority that connects with all needs of buyers. There are projects with the likes of 32nd Parkview Gaur Yamuna City, Viridian WTC Riverside residences, Himalayan Platinum City, Vrindian The Quad Residences, and ATS The Hedges. It has Purvanchal Royal Square, and Skyline Grandprix Apartments that connect with the project.

Projects in Yamuna Expressway that connect with your needs as the commercial developments are in huge numbers. It adds Gaur Yamuna City, WTC Noida, Lord Krishna Mart, and Lord Krishna Medley. It has WTC Spire One, NX One, and Gaurs Runway Suites that connect with projects. Some of the other projects that connect with new launch developments as Presithum, Godrej Golf Links Crest, Migsun Jorbagh, Migsun Galleria, and Ajnara Panorama facing F1 Circuit. It has Solitarian City Turbo, Ajnara London Square, Gaur Krishna villas, Gaur Yamuna City 16th Park View, and Gaur Yamun City 32nd Parkview as some of the prominent developments that connects with the needs of buyers and investors.

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2/3 BHK Home Apartments in Ghaziabad


An Affordable home apartments in Raj Nagar Extension, Raj Nagar Extension at NH 58, Ghaziabad, is a unique experiment over 15 developers have jointly promoted Raj Nagar Extension, even naming it an extension of the already established Raj Nagar area of Ghaziabad. All 15 developers have come together to market projects in an area that is along a major transport corridor, unlike several other places, where despite geographical clustering, developers largely sell individual projects. This was only possible as most projects were affordable and hence attracted end users from the nearby vicinities also, who had traditionally been kept out of the market because of affordability issues. This makes the locality extremely popular with middle and lower middle class buyers as well as first time young buyers who are looking to purchase a home to stay in. The joint marketing strategy has worked wonders as buyers have several options of two- and three bedroom apartments to choose from.

Thought the projects aim is to render ‘affordable homes’ to end users, developers are not compromising upon the amenities, this housing units have. A 15-minute drive from Delhi and Noida due to strategic location Raj Nagar Extension project is unique in itself and it’s the first project across the Delhi NCR (National Capital Region) where so many developers have come together and have constructed dwelling units in a similar category. Being newer, developers at Raj Nagar Extension provides the best surroundings and amenities to end users. The quality of construction and atmosphere is also a focus area for developers, apart from low-cost housing. ATS Pious Orchards Price List / ATS Pristine Golf Villas Price List / ATS Greens Apartments / ATS Picturesque Reprieves Phase 2

The Who’s who like Ajnara India Limited, Ashiana Homes Private Limited, Nitishree Infrastructure Limited, SG Estates Limited, Shree Energy Developers, among others have currently constructed approximately 10,000 housing units. Affordability, Even though the houses here are broadly the affordable, every developer is offering different types of apartments in floor area and categories terms. On the whole, apartment size varies from 400 sq ft to 1,700 sq ft (1BHK-4BHK), in a price range of affordable. This price range is much more affordable as compared to the average prices of projects coming up in Noida, Greater Noida and Indirapuram. Most of the developers are offering 10% discount on inaugural prices. This makes Raj Nagar Extension a destination for a wide band of middle-class end users, offering choices ranging from a 1BHK for Rs 15 lakh to a 3BHK for Rs 50 lakh, with facilities like entertainment zones, space for parties, events and business meetings, shopping arcades, and jogging tracks.

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CRC Joyous 2/3 BHK Apartments Greater Noida West


CRC Joyous is a good project to investments which is situated in Techzone 4, Greater Noida. CRC Joyous is a 2 BHK, 2.5 BHK, 3 BHK Apartments project where has 1040.00 sq.ft. – 1555.00 sq.ft. sizes apartments. CRC Joyous is spread in 4 acres area land project where has total 548 apartments unites. Life is well lived when you have a great home to come back to. Traveling great distances in the city to make it to the office and back home can take a toll on your stress levels and if the neighborhood and the apartment building you live in cannot offer you the peace of mind you need when you are ready to retire for the day your mind will not get the rest it deserves. If you are looking to move out of the hustle bustle in Delhi and move to satellite towns next to the country’s capital, Greater Noida West has some amazing new residential apartments that you could consider.

CRC Joyous Greater Noida West is one such residential apartment that offers all the can relax and have your morning run in the spread out lawns that inhabit the complex, you do not have to worry about the noise that is a part of city life, you can live life in peace and rejuvenate your mind everyday. CRC Joyous Greater Noida West is strategically located at a distance of only 30 minutes from the Jewar International Airport, it is also a distance of just 500 mts from the proposed metro link. It’s a great place to live a good life as multiplexes are a stone throws away and many a corporate offices as well can be reached in a matter of minutes. Gaur The Islands Price / Gaur Mulberry mansions Price / Gaur city 1st avenue Price / Gaur city 10th avenue Price

CRC Joyous Greater Noida West is one among the many residential apartments in Greater Noida West that offer the best in luxury for those who want a good life. The apartments are well done up and come fitted with vitrified tiles and space for electronic gadgets. The area around the complex offers avenues for relaxation and can be a perfect playground for your growing children. Why would you live in a crowded congested area when you can let your dream home be in the midst of greenery? A number of people have migrated from the city of Delhi to Greater Noida West given the change of pace in living it offers, the residential apartments here are designed to please and checking the space out will only make you happy and more motivated to give your lifestyle and uplift.

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RG Luxury Homes New Tower Is A Residential Project That Offers Luxury With Its Price-Less

RG Luxury Homes New tower is a residential project that offers luxury with its price-less developments. The project offers 3 BHK luxury flats with a location at Sector 16-B, Greater Noida West. It adds better specification, lifestyle developments, and connectivity that adds to your lifestyle needs. The residential project creates a promising development with 3 BHK luxury apartments for Rs 65 lakh onwards. It adds residential comforts that include a modular kitchen, Free PLC, and wardrobes. It offers free cover car parking with club membership and 1 KVA power backup. The residential project offers 3 BHK apartments with an area of 1175 sq ft. It adds a beautiful view from the apartments and offers a breathtaking view of Noida’s skyline

RG Luxury Homes

RG Luxury Homes is with residential project with beautiful lifestyle luxuries and comforts. It is with well curated and upgraded lifestyle that adds with creative space of your own. The residential project adds with eco-friendly landscape podium garden. It comes with a jogging, cycling track, and amphitheater. The residential project comes with a tennis, basketball court, and badminton court. The development adds with swimming pool, toddlers pool, ultra-modern gym, and yoga center. It has indoor games provision with table tennis, cards, and a pool table. The residential project adds with cupboard for each of the bedrooms and it also adds wooden floors in the master bedroom.

RG Luxury Homes is ready to move homes as 1564 units within area of 18.5 acres. The project offers a residential configuration with an area of 1229 sq ft to 1872 sq ft. The residential amenities include a 24-hour water supply, CCTV cameras, and security provision within a gated community. The residential project comes with a jogging track, meditation hall, outdoor games, amphitheaters, and club house. It has a cricket court, gym, kids pool, swimming pool, spa, senior citizen area, multi-tier security system.

RG Luxury Homes is by RG Group, India’s leading realty company. The project is synonymous with important attributes such as client satisfaction, reliability, and trust. The company had its foundation year in 2000 and with a customer-centric approach that makes it the flagship organization. It has delivered a total of 14 commercial and retail projects.

RG Luxury Homes has necessary developments such as 24/7 security, and 24-hour power backup and it connects with all other necessities. The project makes it with a lifestyle that with all the needs and necessities near it. The residences are in proximity to malls, and multiplex that cater to the needs of entertainment. There are best of the best healthcare facilities that make it easy for people to get treated for any health issues. The schools and educational institutes are in large numbers that serve the needs of quality education. It is with one of the finest locations at sector 16-B Greater Noida West. The residential project is with beautiful architecture that adds to the significance of the project.

RG Luxury Homes are available at affordable rates and are ready to move projects. It makes it easy to reach from all parts of Delhi-NCR and connects towards Jewar airport too. Visit our more projects: London Mart, Saya Piazza, Saya Status Mall

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