Gaur City Flats Apartments Noida Extension


In today’s fast advancing times, one needs to maintain momentum to catch up with the developments. Be it any arena or domain, development is all-pervasive. And, real-estate hasn’t been too far in this respect. Gaursons India, one of the most trusted names in this industry have opened up gateways of its creations for its customers across India, Greater Noida West being one of them. The Gaur city, Greater Noida West property is quite significant of the splendor of this township that is straggled across 125 acres of land. Buying flats in India is no more a dream now, especially at good locations and cities. The exquisite location and infrastructure of The Gaur city is enough to lure the visitors. Also, the biggest adjuvant of this township is its association with a city of historic and pious love, i.e. Greater Noida West. Exuding the traditional ether of the ancient times, the statuesque buildings are the biggest centre of attraction when you arrive at the place. Discussions are rife that Greater Noida West property has got revalued by manifolds with the opening of The Gaur city.


While one talks about Greater Noida West, how can Gaur City Mall be left unmentioned? Inclusion of Gaur City Mall in the township’s naming is highly suggestive of the grandeur that the place emanates. The state-of-the art designing and architecture in this luxuriously built city keeps it at par with many other cosmopolitans. Also, it has all the amenities that a modern lifestyle demands and is supported by. This Greater Noida West property reckons all the elites and aristocrats to invest in their money to enhance their standard of living drastically. Gaur City Greater Noida West / Gaur Siddhartham Price List / Gaur City Resale Flats / Gaur City 16th avenue Price List
This punctiliously designed township has a super fine blend of natural and manpower resources. If one talks about eco-friendly, its parks do the talking. If one talks about the roads, power and potable water supply- it surpasses the expectations. Located on the Noida-Delhi Bypass road, Greater Noida West, the city comes in the most coveted cities’ league. You can now easily think of owning apartments and flats in India with Gaursons India’s innovative creations. Calculate your budget and chose a suitable plot for yourself to be a part of this magnificently built township. One of the most talked about Greater Noida West Properties, it saves you from burning a hole in your pocket by providing you with an array of options as far as plot sizes and their prices are concerned. Thus, without much ado, buy a luxurious apartment in the city and envy your peers with its covetous infrastructures and awe-striking interiors.

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