Rental Apartments in Noida and Greater Noida


Greater Noida is good places to rent apartments which is well connected to Delhi, Meerut, Ghaziabad, Noida and Agra etc. Your own represents one of the biggest hurdles of a young adult’s burgeoning life of independence. And, new financial obligations aside, one of the big reasons getting an apartment for the first time is so difficult is because you have virtually nothing of your own. Sure, you probably have a bed and a few pieces of furniture, but how many of the essentials are covered in your current store? Can you actually live on what you own? Probably not. Below, then, is a list of apartment essentials for first-time renters. Get them all before you move in to prevent a lot of costly shopping trips in the following days. Food! Not just junk food, either, but a well-rounded balance of foods from all the major food groups. Make sure your fridge is working properly in order to store items that require refrigeration. Don’t forget milk and various condiments to spice up your food, as well. A microwave. You won’t always have time to cook a full meal. Cooking utensils. Spatulas, large spoons, a set of knives, pots and pans, a can opener, a colander or strainer, a skillet, mixing bowls, measuring cups, casserole dishes, a cutting board, and forks, spoons and knives for eating. ATS Le Grandiose floor plan / ATS Pristine floor plan / ATS Khyber Range floor plan / ATS Bouquet floor plan

Plates and bowls for eating your food, and glasses or mugs for drinking. You may also want fancier wine glasses for parties, though you can save them for later. A kettle. Various wraps ziploc bags, plastic and tin foil, mostly for food storage, as well as garbage bags and bio-degradable bags for waste. Toilet paper! Never forget toilet paper! Kleenex as well, though toilet paper is more important. Paper towels. Various toiletries shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste for keeping yourself clean each day. Towels, at least two sets. A first aid kit well-stocked with band-aids, medical wrap and other minor medical essentials. General health pills aspirin, vitamins, digestives, that sort of thing. A shaving kit with razor blades, handy for either sex depending on their level of hairiness. Cleaning supplies for mirrors, faucets, toilets, sinks and the like. Yes, you have to start cleaning now.

A broom. A vacuum, and possibly a smaller, hand-held vacuum. A duster. Some spare blankets, both for your bed and for laying around. Spare pillow cases. Batteries. Lots of batteries, of all shapes and kinds. If you can get rechargeable batteries, all the better. Light bulbs. Some basic tools a hammer, a box of nails, a screwdriver, a box of screws, a ruler or level, a wrench, possibly a drill. You’d be amazed how far you can go with the basics. Last, unless one is included, an air conditioner that also serves as a heater. Apartments aren’t always so good at the ventilation game. Sound like a lot? It is. Consequently, you should budget for these items before moving out, and try to buy them gradually in the months leading up to the move.

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